Harry Potter Trivia Team Names [ 2021 ] For Best, Creative & Rude

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names: Hello Friend, You are here to tell the story of Harry Potter Trivia Team Names For Best, Creative And Rude who is in this article today. Do not forget to see you, who are the heroes of all the team names we love for them and great team names. We will try to give them so that you will keep seeing the good. The better team, so let me tell you that we will continue to work to provide the team name to you as many times every time. So the man did time without being worried and started running without trouble.

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names:-

  • Patronus Legion
  • Wand You Up
  • The Muggles
  • Muggle Mayhem
  • Erised’s Desire
  • Dumbledamn
  • The Trio
  • The Imperius
  • The Marauders
  • Pigfarts
  • The Scarheads
  • The Beaters
  • Blast-Ended Skanks
  • The Quibblers
  • The Wizengamot

  • The Diadems
  • The Mauraders
  • Knights of Walpurgis
  • Impeachimenta
  • Snitches Get Stitches
  • Team Quizzitch
  • Wimbourne Wasps
  • Law and Auror
  • Snapes on a Plane
  • The Order of the Phoenix
  • Granger Zone
  • Accio Beer!
  • Hogwarts Rejects
  • The Holyhead Harpies

  • The Mudbloods
  • Expecto-Winno
  • Patronus Potter
  • The Harpies
  • Hit it and Quidditch
  • Fawks
  • The Half Bloods
  • Bagel Eaters
  • Voldy’s Moldies
  • Long Haired Pillock
  • Quizoner of Azkaban

  • rumple-Horned Snorkacks
  • 10 Pints to Gryffindor
  • The House Elves
  • Wizarding Wildcats
  • The Prefects
  • Dumb Bull Doors
  • The Potterheads
  • The Chamber of Secrets
  • For Fawkes’ Sake


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Harry Potter Trivia Team Names


  • Mudblood
  • Ganged Feranium
  • Flitwick’s Nitwits
  • The Wizengamot
  • The Quizengamot
  • The Princes
  • Mumbulus Mumbletonia
  • Xeno Feeling Myself
  • The Rememberalls
  • Moaning Muggles
  • @JK_Rowling
  • The Remembralls
  • Chicken & Quaffles

  • The Daily Prophets
  • Querulous Quirrell Lasses
  • Buckbeaks
  • The Bloody Morons
  • The Elder Wands
  • Dumb & Dumbledore
  • The Ravenclaws
  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • The Lumos Maximus Group
  • Minerva’s Masterminds
  • Death Eaters
  • Team MollyWobbles
  • The Deluminators
  • The Quibblers
  • The Dumbledorfs
  • Famous Fire-Eaters

  • In-quiz-itorial Squad
  • Team Seven
  • Snitches and Witches
  • The Marauders
  • The Slytherins
  • The Gobstones
  • Kenmare Kestrels
  • Alas, Earwax
  • The Inquisitorial Squad
  • Magick Moste Evile

  • Snitch in Time
  • The Prisoners of Azkaban
  • Smarter Than the Hat
  • The Deathday Partiers
  • Pansy Parkinson Syndrome
  • Trolls in the Dungeon
  • The Elephant Man
  • Wit Beyond Measure

  • The Snitches
  • The Trio
  • The Goblets of Fire
  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • The Luna Lovegods
  • But I AM the Chosen One!
  • Trolling Bogeys
  • Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
  • The Griffyndors
  • The Roonil Wazlibs
  • Dead Sirius
  • The Scarheads

  • The Roonil Wazlibs
  • The Hedwigs
  • The Bouncing Ferrets
  • Happy Griffs
  • Giblets of Ire
  • The Hogwartians
  • Phoenix Army
  • Chudley Cannons
  • Griffin

  • Nice Legs Neville
  • The Cockroach-Clusters
  • Faster Than A Firebolt
  • The Quizengamot
  • Magic is Might
  • The Half Blood Princes
  • The Triwizard Champions
  • The Ministry
  • Tangent Alley Team
  • Expecto Petroleum
  • Moaning Myrtle Mayhem

  • Sectumsempras
  • Team Jacob
  • The Skeeters
  • the Hufflepuff
  • Felix Felices
  • The Snitches
  • Demon-Dung Crackers
  • Dumbledorks
  • The Grindelwalds
  • Belgian Quaffles
  • Siriusly?
  • That’s So Ravenclaw
  • Moste Potente Potions

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Harry Potter Team Names:-

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Harry Potter Team Names Trivia:-

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