Roofer Jobs in Canada: $65,651 Salary + Visa

Hello! If you love roofing and want to work in Canada, this article will help you. Canada is a cool place to be a roofer. They need roofers because of their big construction scene. In this article, we’ll talk about roofer jobs in Canada, how much money you can make, and how to get a visa.

Roofing in Canada: What’s Happening?

Imagine this: Canada is growing, and roofers help build stuff. Canada has different weather, so they need roofers in cities and countryside places. Roofers make sure buildings have good roofs.

How Much Do Roofers Make?

Let’s talk about money. Roofers in Canada make around $65,651 every year. But, it can be more or less depending on where you work, your experience, and who your boss is. Plus, some jobs give you extra benefits and chances to grow, which is great!

The highest paying cities for roofers in Canada are:-

  1. Etobicoke, Ontario: $33.29 per hour
  2. Mississauga, Ontario: $33.27 per hour
  3. Toronto, Ontario: $31.93 per hour
  4. Delta, British Columbia: $31.38 per hour
  5. Vancouver, British Columbia: $29.86 per hour

Getting a Visa for Roofer Jobs:-

Before you can roof in Canada, you need a visa. Most people get a Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) visa. It helps Canadian bosses hire roofers from other countries.

To get a TFWP visa:

⦁ Get a job offer from a Canadian boss.
⦁ Show you’re a good roofer with the right skills and experience.
⦁ Get a paper (Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA) from your new boss saying they need a roofer from another country.

Remember, rules can change, so check the Canadian government’s website for the latest.

How to Start Your Roofer Career in Canada:-

1) Get Better at Roofing:-

Learn the roofing skills Canada wants. Some places need you to finish school or get a special paper.

2) Make a Great Resume:-

Write a good resume showing your roofing skills, experience, and any special papers you have. Make it good for Canadian jobs.

3) Look for Jobs:-

Find roofing job openings online or talk to companies and job people.

4) Get a Job Offer:-

Apply for a job you like and talk to your new boss about the papers you need for your visa.

5) Get a Visa:-

Send your visa papers to Canada’s immigration people (IRCC).

6) Get Ready to Move:-

When your visa is ready, start getting ready for Canada. Look for a place to live, budget for your trip, and get your papers in order.

Here are some of the staffing agencies that can help you find a roofer job in Canada::-

  • Randstad Canada
  • Robert Half Canada
  • ManpowerGroup Canada
  • Kelly Services Canada
  • Adecco Canada

To Finish:-

Roofer jobs in Canada can be awesome! Good money and lots of chances. Just remember, rules can change, so look at the government’s website for the newest info. Have fun roofing in Canada, eh!

I wish you the best of luck in your job search!


What do I need to work as a roofer in Canada?

You need to learn roofing and maybe get a paper. Rules can be different depending on where you go, so check your province’s rules.

Can I find roofing jobs in cities and countryside places?

Yes, you can find roofing jobs in cities and countryside places. Canada needs roofers everywhere.

Is the $65,651 salary the same everywhere in Canada?

Not really. The salary can be different in big cities or quieter places. Look into where you want to work for the exact salary.

How long does it take to get a work visa for Canada?

It can take different times. Check the Canadian government’s website for the newest info.

Can I grow my roofing career in Canada?

Yes! You can become a boss or a manager. Some roofers even start their own roofing companies. Keep learning and getting papers to open doors in your career. Roof your way to the top!

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