Roofer Won’t Give Estimate ( What to Do About It)

Roofer Won’t Give Estimate: It’s kinda tricky when a roofer doesn’t tell you how much fixing the roof will cost. There could be lots of reasons why this is happening, and some of them are okay, while others might make you worried:

Roofer Won’t Give Estimate

1)Job is too hard:- Maybe your roof is really tricky, and the roofer needs to check it out in person to know how much it’ll cost.

2) Insurance stuff:- If you’re using insurance to pay, the roofer might need to look at your policy and see the damage before saying how much it’ll be. They might also need to wait for the insurance company to send a check before they can tell you the final cost.

3) Not enough info:- Sometimes, roofers need to know more about what materials you want, how long it’ll take, and other stuff before giving you a price.

4) Too much work:- If lots of people want their roofs fixed, the roofers might have too much to do and can’t give everyone prices right away.

1)Hiding stuff:- Some roofers might not want to tell you the price upfront because they want to sell you more things later.

2) Not good at their job:- Some roofers might be a bit messy or not so good at talking, and that can make them slow at telling you how much things cost.

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1)Talk to the roofer:- Just ask them why they haven’t said how much it’ll be and when they will.

2) Ask other roofers:- Get prices from different roofers so you can see what’s normal.

3) Look at reviews:- See what other people say about the roofer online.

4) Listen to your feelings:- If the roofer seems weird, it’s okay to find someone else.

You have the right to know the price before saying yes.
If the roofer is being tricky, it’s okay to find a different one.
I hope this helps!

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